Biden administration locks in plans aiming to block Schedule F for good

In an effort to prevent a Schedule F revival, OPM has published a final rule confirming workforce protections and appeals rights for career civil servants.

See Drew Friedman’s thoroughly researched and well written story on the infamous Schedule F on today’s Federal News Network newsfeed below. She interviewed me for the story, and I’m quoted in it (that’s clearly one of the reasons I like it so much😁), but more importantly, I worry that folks will read the piece and conclude that the battle is over. It’s NOT! There are too many things that a second Trump Administration could do to undo the OPM rule and resurrect Schedule F, including things that are borderline legal–and then let all this just play out in friendly courts, including SCOTUS. So IMHO, we should continue to raise the alarm–even at the risk of “crying wolf”–and I for one will continue to do so.

Senior Executives Association Board of Directors Election

It’s been brought to my attention that not all my fellow SEA Board of Directors candidates have access to Linked In, so out of fairness and respect to them, I’ve taken down my ‘election campaign’ post on that social media platform. However, I would still encourage all SEA members who read this to go vote for the candidate(s) of your choice, as the Association remains the only independent voice of career federal execs—and those who aspire to be—and deserves our support. If you have any questions, feel free to reach me through Linked In or this Web site. The deleted post follows.

Today’s job seekers want things our current system cannot provide

Congress is considering legislation that will enable federal agencies to better compete in a labor market that no longer exists, with tools (and assumptions) rooted in an obsolete, tenure-based system that doesn’t address the needs and wants of many of today’s job applicants.

OPM aims to ‘clarify, reinforce’ protections against Schedule F, but some experts say it won’t be enough

With concerns growing around a possible return of Schedule F, the Biden administration is taking a step to try to safeguard career federal employees against its potential effects.

Agencies have a chance to propose new special salary rates, but budget uncertainty can cause hesitation

The Office of Personnel Management is making preparations ahead of a pending pay raise for civilian federal employees in 2024. Agencies have one month to submit any requests to OPM where they want to offer higher salaries for typically hard-to-fill federal positions.

The 3 duties of public servants

COMMENTARY | With all that’s going on in Washington these days, public officials have three fundamental duties that they cannot shirk.

Hillsborough County Schools Breached

Hillsborough County Schools system has reported a cybersecurity breach of its information systems but no further details are available. In a televised interview (, Ron Sanders, cybersecurity expert and former staff director for the Florida Center for Cybersecurity explains how and why such breaches occur, especially at the beginning of a school year.

IRS Faced Setbacks With Hiring Revenue Agents, Watchdog Finds

The IRS has faced delays in hiring the revenue agents it needs to increase audits of high-income earners and large businesses, according to a new report.

Pentagon approves higher cyber pay for NSA, other defense intelligence agencies

The National Security Agency and other intelligence components across the Defense Department can now offer higher pay for cyber and other technical roles under a new system quietly approved earlier this year.