Biden administration locks in plans aiming to block Schedule F for good

In an effort to prevent a Schedule F revival, OPM has published a final rule confirming workforce protections and appeals rights for career civil servants.

See Drew Friedman’s thoroughly researched and well written story on the infamous Schedule F on today’s Federal News Network newsfeed below. She interviewed me for the story, and I’m quoted in it (that’s clearly one of the reasons I like it so much😁), but more importantly, I worry that folks will read the piece and conclude that the battle is over. It’s NOT! There are too many things that a second Trump Administration could do to undo the OPM rule and resurrect Schedule F, including things that are borderline legal–and then let all this just play out in friendly courts, including SCOTUS. So IMHO, we should continue to raise the alarm–even at the risk of “crying wolf”–and I for one will continue to do so.