Winning the war for cyber talent

The Great Power Competition Volume 3: Cyberspace: The Fifth Domain (2022)

1. How We Got Here: The Rise of Cyber Conflict from 1991 to 2021.- 2. The Great Cyber Talent Competition.- 3. Alternate Reality: The Use of Disinformation to Normalize Extremism.- 4. The Future of Cyber-Enabled Influence Operations: Emergent Technologies, Misinformation, and the Destruction of Democracy.- 5. Cybersecurity and Strategic Deterrence.- 6. When the Levee Breaks: A Global Trend of Cyber-Physical and Cyber-Operational Attacks against Critical Infrastructure and Future Implications on the Great Power Competition.- 7. Cyber Threats to Critical Infrastructure.- 8. Are China and Russia on the Cyber Offensive in Latin American and the Caribbean?.- 9. Russian and Chinese Cyber Involvement with Latin America.- 10. Cyber Leadership and the Era of the Great Power Competition.- 11. Global Alliances & Partnerships in the Modern Great Power Competition.- 12. Pacific Partners: Security Cooperation in the Great Power Competition.- 13. Countering Violent Extremism in Cyber Space: A New Frontier for the Great Power Cooperation.- 14. Thinking Globally, Acting Locally – Why a Targeted Approach to Russia, China, and the Proxy Cyber War is a Global Solution.- 15. Leveraging Talent to Dominate in Cyber: An Army Perspective.